7 trench coats on sale, you must have!

Fall is here, yay!! One of my favorite things about moving to Washington is that I finally get to have 4 seasons, for the first time in 6 years. I love to switch my wardrobe every season, to replace the shorts with long pants, to wear sweaters and coats. One of my favorite items are trench coats and every fall I add some new additions to my wardrobe. I have so many, but these are just a few of my favorites.

The double faced coat


This is my favorite trench at the moment. I purchased it in may and I couldn’t wait for the cold weather so I could wear it. Been thinking about it all summer long. This trench by Miss Grey, which is a Romanian brand by the way, caught my eye immediately.


I love how you can wear it in two different ways, depending on the event and outfit. It’s such a feminine piece and the color combination is amazing too, the blue compliments the sandy tone, giving it the perfect amount of pop.


Unlace me lace trench


This interesting trench by Victoria Secret is perfect for spring or early fall. I call it interesting because at first you can’t tell if it’s lingerie or a coat, but for sure it won’t go unnoticed. I think is perfect to wear with a satin dress, a lace dress or even a pair of jeans, heels and an ivory satin/lace tank top.


Barbie girl


If you don’t already know, I love anything pink. Especially light pink like this Zara trench. I have had it for almost 3 years now and still love to wear it. I also like that is suede, so it’s super soft. Very girly, makes me think of a garden full of Japanese cherry trees, but also perfect for a stroll in New York. (This item is sold out but here is something similar)


Snake print


I think this print is slowly going out of style, and even if I never was too much of a fan, I like this H&M trench coat because it can go nicely with a simple outfit, giving it a cool look.


I also like to play around and combine the two last coats for a cool half and half effect. Would you like to see a video of how I do it? Let me know.


The little black trench


A must have piece in your wardrobe, a classic black trench, like this one from H&M, perfect to wear it with any outfit…or without an outfit. Just pair it with some high heels and surprise you lover.


The classic one


I like a classic trench, with slightly puffy shoulders. I wore mine along with a bright colored dress, to make it special, and some nude toned sneakers, to make it cool. (similar item here)


Simple and chic


This Banana Republic trench is my last addition. I wanted a light grey trench, and even if I ordered myself one to/for Romania (cannot wait to go back and finally see it), I needed one for Seattle as well. I like the no buttons, clean and simple idea. Is just your ordinary simple trench but you can make it special with the right outfit. I chose to wear it on top of a brown sleeveless trench style dress and I think it looks pretty awesome, don’t you think? (click here for similar product)


Which one is your favorite? Cannot wait to find out.

Until next time,

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