Easter outfit ideas

Happy Easter!! Easter is here and I am so excited! Like the blog post from last year (check it out here), I came up with some outfit ideas from two of my favorite stores, Zara and J.ing Official. I think these are perfect not only for the Easter holiday but for spring time in general.

Pretty in pink


Love a pink suit, feminine while bossy. (click for blazer and pants). And the pastel watercolored satin collar shirt goes perfectly with it. But you can wear it pretty much with anything, from jeans, to jogger pants why not, to a silky skirt or dress or with a turtleneck blouse under and a tweed mini skirt.


Tweed tweed and more tweed


Talking about tweed (also referred as textured weave), is been in trend for the past 3 years but now more than ever. I love this skirt and vest set, gives me vogue schoolgirl vibes.


I said more tweed


This is not a set, but I like how the blazer and skirt go together, pretty close in color. The sea green is perfect for this season. I chose a white shirt with pointy collar to pull the whole outfit together. Simple yet noticeable .


Green means life


Spring makes everything green around you so of course a green shirt will be perfect for the Easter Holiday. This one is so comfortable and you can wear it pretty much anywhere, just the way it is, at the beach or around the house, with a bold belt and heels for a brunch with the girls or unbutton it half up and wear it with jeans (with heels or sneakers).


White dreams


White dresses are my favorite, no matter the season. These are some of my favorite’s.


Simple and white, you can wear them with anything and for any occasion. I think they are perfect for easter, not only color wise, but the style of these three. One has this very in trend oversized collar, one has an asymmetric collar (and is actually an oversized shirt), and the last one is so feminine with a low turtleneck. Which one do you like the most?


Soft and silky


Just like the green oversized shirt, this dress can be worn as a dress or as a shirt with jeans under and half way up unbuttoned, the way I love to wear them.


Lady in red

IMG_0461 2

From all these choices, this red dress is my favorite one. Love the color and the cut out poplin style. Even though, for tomorrow at Easter I will probably choose the first outfit, the pink suit. This is definitely a dress I’ll be wearing very often this warm season.


Hope you enjoyed my outfit choices and the photos I took. Location: “I am creative space” in Tacoma, a gorgeous photo studio that makes any picture stand out!


Until next time,

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