If you’re going to San Francisco..

Two weeks ago we took a quick family trip to San Francisco. My first visit there was 6 or 7 years ago (saying this out loud makes me feel old!). I’ve pretty much visited the whole west coast 7 years ago.


So now, since we moved to Washington State, I want to revisit. I love that feeling you get after the trip is over when you get compare your first time memories with the most recent ones.


That being said, this time around we visited some old places that we’ve already been, but also some new places I didn’t know about before or I simply wasn’t very interested in. Also because of Covid-19 mostly, we avoided some places we wanted to visit again, such as the Alcatraz prison or the aquarium (which is one of the most beautiful aquariums I have been too, and I’ve been to quite a few).

Here are some of the places we visited this time around:

The Golden Gate Bridge


There’s no way you can go to San Francisco without visiting this world famous bridge. There are a so many spots to snap the best pictures or selfies. Here are some of them:

The first one is the most busy in my opinion, is the Golden Gate Bridge View Vista Point (North Side). Or from there you can drive a level lower for some even nicer views and less busy and there is a dock.


But my favorite one is the Baker beach. Not only you get the view of the bridge but the beach itself is very beautiful.


China Town


This is a place I tried to visit the first time I went to San Francisco but didn’t have the chance. We were able to visit this time around and we didn’t regret it.


Did you know this China Town is the most famous in the United States? It’s truly beautiful, it’s really taking you all the way there.


Flat Iron Building


There are many cool and iconic buildings in San Francisco such as the Transamerica Pyramid. I suggest you take a tour in one of those big red buses. But one of my favorite buildings is actually right next to China Town, and I love the New York vibes of it.


The Palace of Fine Arts


If we are talking about cool buildings you gotta check this spot! It’s so lovely, perfect for a walk, date, or photoshoots.


Full House


One of my favorite things to do when i visit a new place is go to see any spots that are famous from movies or shows. Well if you are a fan of the show “Full House”, and you are in San Francisco, you can see the famous street. Also, plenty of cool buildings in the neighborhood and I love the park next door.


Fisherman’s Wharf

A staple in San Francisco. We love to take a walk over here every time we visit. Keep in mind, it gets pretty busy, even during a pandemic.

The restaurants in San Francisco have some of the best sea food recipes I ever had. Fog Harbor, Mona Lisa are some of my favorite ones, but I also loved the Hard Rock Cafe here (my favorite one after the one in Chicago).

Lombard street

The most famous street in San Francisco and definitely breath taking. Every time I went there I had to go up and down at least twice, to notice every detail. Some people don’t find it that interesting but I love it.

Pretty stairs


So many spots with colorful, beautiful, happy stairs. You can find them at random different pretty houses.


Some other famous ones:

The 16th Ave Tiled Steps


Lincon Park Steps


Dutch Windmill


I love this spot! Not only cute for photos but such a great picnic area. And now in the spring time it’s full of tulips and colorful flowers. It’s really one of those spots you see in the movies.


Is there any must see spot I’ve missed? If so, let me know in a comment bellow.

Until next time,

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