I think all of us are dreaming more than ever about our next vacation. I know I am so excited to get on a plane and travel somewhere exotic. So since we can’t do much travel for right now, I am coming up with a few travel (or trawell how I like to say it, for travel well) articles. This way, maybe I can help you decide on your next destination.


We went to Mexico on our honeymoon, and is one of those places I sure want to return to. Been dreaming about getting there since I was a kid, listening to latin music and watching soap operas, like almost every 90 kid in Eastern Europe.

Wearing a traditional Mexican dress
Me in the morning before coffee

We went to Cancun, but we also traveled around for a little bit, so I’m about to tell you my favorite must do things in Mexico, that you should check out, beside chilling at a nice resort and on the beach. We went before we had our son (actually very probably we made him there – blame it on the tequila shots), so we were able to do a lot of adventures that now we probably wouldn’t be able to unless we leave him at nannies.

Chichen-itza – one of the seven wonders of the world


If I go on a trip and I get to score a historical place, it makes my whole trip so much more worth it. I enjoy to travel for beautiful sceneries, especially photoshoot worth it, but I feel more fulfilled when I also get to explore places with a huge significance. Like when we went to Dominican Republic we visited Columbus son’s house, Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, White House in DC, etc. So you can imagine I got very excited to be able to visit this archeological site built by Maya people. I recommend you get yourself a guided tour so you can learn more about this civilization while visiting the site. We also got the chance to go to a museum, walking distance from our resort, with an important collection of Mayan arheological artifacts.And it was free admission.

Visit a cenote


Mexico has many cenotes, which are basically natural pools inside caves. They are beautiful and fun. We actually stopped at one in Yucatan on our way back to the resort from the trip to Chichen-itza.


It was a blast, being able to take a cool break after spending the whole day in the torrid sun.

Scuba dive at this underwater museum

IMG_4437 2

When we visited Mexico, we were living in Hawaii, so we weren’t very impressed by the beaches, palm trees, nor interested in the water activities like scuba, snorkeling, paddle boarding which were our daily activities in Oahu. But when I came across this underwater museum, scuba diving was back on my to do list.


The feeling you get swimming next to this sculptures that look so real, is scary yet amazing and memorable. Is one of my favorite things I ever done. And if you are lucky enough you can encounter turtles, jellyfish, starfish and lots of colored tropical fishes.

Visit a Mexican pueblo


As I said in previous articles, just sitting in the resort, won’t give you a much taste of the country your in. It’s such a beauty in seeing the people in their daily activities, their homes, their way of dressing.


We visited both Yucatan and Quintana Roo, learned about their traditions and habits, and in particular, how much they believe in spirits. It was a pretty interesting experience.

Beach please


We stayed at an amazing resort, so amazing we didn’t want to leave the room. We had a private jacuzzi on the balcony, the beach was right there, outdoor pools, couple massages available, 24 hour restaurants and room service, everything.


So it was pretty hard to not just stay in. But beside all the activities we wanted to do that we didn’t had a chance to visit anywhere else, we also took the time to visit other beaches. So we spent some time on the Cancun beaches, but also on Isla de Mujeres, where water seemed more clear, more turquoise and the sand softer and brighter. So very probably that maybe next time, we choose Isla de Mujeres as our next resort destination.


Visit a national museum

Wherever we travel we like to visit museums. Art, history, science, any really. While in Mexico, we visited Museo Maya de Canc├╣n, which is full of Mayan artifacts. So much important history. Besides what the museum has to offer inside, the outside of it offers a traditional park, where is nice to take a walk plus they are full of tropical trees and plants so you’re in the shade most of the time. I would say is a must.

I hope I convinced you that Mexico should be on your travel bucket list, once all this is over. I know I cannot wait to go back. Also keep in mind that these photos are almost 5 years old, so the quality is not the best.

Until next time,

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