Road trip to Utah and Idaho

We just returned 10 days ago from a spontaneous road trip to Utah which was so much fun. We wanted to escape the rainy PNW weather and headed towards Idaho and Utah.


We’ve already been to Northern Idaho when we did a 10 day road trip a year ago, from North Carolina to Washington State (you can read about it here). And we loved it so much so we were very excited for the southern parts of it.


Utah on the other hand has been on my bucket list for quiet some time. Mostly the southern side, the National Parks, all those canyons, which we didn’t had a chance to visit during this road trip since we only did a short 5 day vacation and tried to enjoy other places too. But we definitely saw some awesome spots, had lots of fun and planned a 10 day road trip for next year, to see all the canyons in Utah and Arizona.


I will start with the most amazing place that was the center of this trip: the Bonneville Salt Flats. Maybe not as amazing as the famous ones in Bolivia but pretty close. I actually think this place is a bit underestimated because not a lot of people know about it. It’s an amazing spot for any kind of photo shooting. It’s great no matter the weather, because when it’s really dry, the cuts in the salty ground make it look so cool and after a rain the sky reflects in the earth making the whole scenery even more spectacular.


We arrived right after rain, not enough to have water on the ground but just enough to make it messy. But it was still wonderful and the photos turned out great.


It is very dry and bright over there and probably very hot later in the year.

My second favorite spot was Salt Lake City. Cute little place, a lot to do and charming spots perfect for Instagram.


My favorite one was a house similar to the one from the famous cartoon Pixar movie: Up! No balloons but that was an easy fix, hehe.


I also enjoyed the county building. The building itself, stone construction in romanesque style with deep windows reveals and cavernous door openings, it’s very Instagramable. The square itself is a nice place for a walk and to relax on a bench with a book or a picnic maybe (you might already know, I am a big picnic lover). We went during early evening and the weather was perfect for just relaxing and running around with the kids.


Then not too far away is this cool spot with all these signs, again a nice place for taking photos. Check the photos for address at every spot.


We also went to this nice rich neighborhood, on our way to find a poppy field. The whole area is very scenic, it’s called Alpine. Biggest mansions I have ever seen lol, and let me tell you I have visited some boogie places around the world. The poppies unfortunately weren’t bloomed yet. They usually bloom in June and we knew that but we were hoping that maybe they have started two weeks earlier this year. Still, the sunset over those mountains made it worth the drive.


In Idaho we went for a day in Boise, because we have heard a lot of people saying is a cute little town. Honestly, it wasn’t for us. Not much to do so we didn’t spent much time there and headed towards Utah. But on our way back we spent more time in Idaho exploring.


We stopped at the Twin Falls, Shosone Falls, The city of rocks and the balanced rock. It kinda took us a whole day to explore all this. The balanced rock is pretty cool to see, a nature’s wander. The city of rocks was definitely my favorite. Very beautiful scenery.


The falls were beautiful but I never was a waterfall fan. Not that I am not a fan, but I don’t find them interesting. I know, living in Wa and before while living in Hawaii, everybody was making a big deal about hiking to see waterfalls. But I’d rather take TLC’s advice.


This sums up our mini road trip. Usually this is our perfect amount of time to go see a new place, if you have noticed, my LA trip, San Francisco, DC, Atlanta, almost all are quick 4-5 days road trips. I think it’s easier when you have kids and a dog. The perfect amount of time for when you need a little escape but also less expansive. So we rather do 4-5 days at a time, every other month and a 10 day-2 weeks once a year.


Until next time,

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