The city of angels

About two weeks ago I took a very needed mom cation. I was supposed to go to Columbia with a friend but Covid-19 ruined those plans so instead I went to L.A. and San Diego to visit another friend.


L.A. it’s not new to me and is one of my favorite cities in the states. Absolutely in love. And definitely going to revisit soon again. Last time I was here I went to Disneyland Park and Universal Studios, which is one of my favorite places on earth. This time due to cover it wasn’t possible. Also, last time I went to Santa Monica Beach, Malibu Beach and Venice beach but this time around we avoided them due to being too crowded (covid safety first!)


Also, so many restaurants and rooftops I wasn’t able to revisit for the same exact reason. But with all the restrictions and the measurements we took to stay safe, we still did some amazing stuff.

So, some of the old things I had a chance to revisit:

The Hollywood Sign


This was the first stop, of course! Honestly, once you are there you see that is way smaller than you imagined but still, such an iconic place, you cannot miss. There are a few hikes, observatories and spots for better views, but both times we just took the same street to see it from afar. I think it looks great in photos and I also love the neighborhoods here.


Hollywood Walk of fame

This is probably the number one touristic place to see when coming here. I think everybody has fun looking for the star of their favorite public personality. this year around was definitely not as busy as normally is, actually so empty that you can’t believe is that famous street. I don’t know what happened since last time I had been here 7 years ago, but now the street was full of homeless and drunk people. Not a pretty scene or walk. Looks like walk of fame turned into walk of shame.

Hotel in Hollywood where we spent one of the nights

Rodeo Drive

Or how I like to call it: paradise…expensive paradise. Again, very empty this time around, which made it perfect for a stroll to wash our eyes. By the time we got there (6pm) all the stores were closed but the window displays to these luxurious shops were worth the effort. Plus we kept both kidneys!

Jimmy Choo

The Beverly Hills Hotel

There is no doubt that if you can afford to stay here, it is the place to stay! this hotel is beautiful inside and out! All the Hollywood lifestyle vibes you need! Plus the Beverly Hills area is my favorite (followed by Malibu).


Last time we took one of those tour buses to take us around to see famous peoples houses, to ring their bell and run away (kidding, don’t do that!) But even if you don’t run into someone famous (cause I won’t be there for a while), all the houses are so beautiful, is worth taking a drive.


The museum of Dream Space

There are two of these museums: one in Beverly Hills, one in Hollywood. We went to the one is Beverly Hills and let me tell you it was so disappointing. If you read the reviews you find that out, but read them before going, not after like we did. The admission is too pricey for how small the place is, and what it has to offer. Also, it was incredibly busy and they did’t limit how many people per room, so we kept having to wait around for people to leave the room so we can shoot our content with no mask on. I went to a lot of places like theses in other cities and this one was by far the worst. But the shots I got are not bad!


Public Art “Urban Light”

This was my first time here and I kept seeing it on Instagram and I couldn’t wait to go. Again, not as cool as it looks in photos, but such a cool spot for creating content. I expected it to be busy but nope, we were the only ones there.


This is all I did while there. Stay tuned for the San Diego part of this vacation.

Until next time,

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