Things to do in North Carolina

As you might know, we lived in North Carolina for three years so I made a list for you with things you should do if you plan to visit the state. It wasn’t one of my favorite places to live, but we lived by the ocean. It ‘s also the place where I gave birth to my son, and because of this we have so many dear memories here.

So if you plan to ever go, here are some things to do:

North Carolina beaches

So many, and so beautiful. Emerald Isle, Topsail beach, Outer banks (yes, where the famous Netflix show took place), Sunset Beach, Atlantic Beach, are just a few. Also North Carolina has the most beautiful sunsets, and you gotta believe me, I even lived in Hawaii and North Carolina tops that. We spent almost every other night at the beach.


Here the temperature is warm 80% of the year, so beach days pretty much happen all the time. Even if it’s not lay down, get tan and swim in the ocean weather, is perfect for sunset walks, romantic picnics and even for horse back riding (read here more date ideas in NC).


The beaches in NC can be pretty empty especially during off season, which I loved the most. Very close by, in the next state, is Myrtle Beach, which offers a more popular beach, in case you are not a fan of a more quiet beach like I am.

Visit an aquarium or zoo

Going to the aquarium is one of our favorite things to do on a rainy or cold day. Both aquariums and zoo’s are plenty of fun when you have kids. We’ve been taking our son since he was a baby and every time, he gets more and more mesmerized by the animals and fishes.


Baltimore Estate

This is the place I was the most excited to visit when we first moved to NC, so when William was about 4 months, we took a trip to Ashville and visited this gorgeous property.


I love old mansions, castles, buildings with history and beautiful architecture. If you are the same, the Biltmore estate won’t disappoint.


Spend some time in Charlotte

Charlotte is the capital of the state, the biggest city in NC so of course it has a lot to offer. We loved visiting, even just walking the streets and having coffee in the parks there. If you have kids you cannot forget to visit Discovery Museum in Charlotte, which is such a fun place for little ones. Charlotte also has one of the best malls which has an aquarium right inside. Lots of things to do here, restaurants to choose from and places to explore.



Raleigh is a city we visited very often because it was so close to us just under 2 hours. We loved to stop by the Science Museum every time we had a chance, because we love museums and this one has free admission. Also a very cool giant globe in front of it. Great restaurants and there are cute parts to walk around also. The art museum here is also a must, they switch out exhibits pretty often, so its never boring.


Wilmington and New Bern

Both places are very similar and were right near where I used to live. Old colonial southern style houses, historical buildings, piers where you can watch the beautiful sunsets, cute local boutiques and great restaurants. These two are a good idea for a chill evening.


North Carolina can be a cute getaway, especially in the winter time if you’re trying to escape the snow and cold. I hope this article can help you find some cool stuff to do there.

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