Would you be my quarantine

Since we are all being stuck inside, I decided to write a little article about how you can spend your indoor time more romantically and fun, so it won’t feel like your bored in a jail.

So here are 10 ideas of things you can try and hopefully it will add a little spark in your relationship.

1. Picnics: I started with this one because I love picnics (as you might know if your following me Instagram – check my profile out here). Now this might seem tricky since you might not be able to be outdoors. So if you don’t have a backyard just enjoy your next lunch on your living room… floor. Lay down a blanket, put on some nature sounds on, flowers, some wine and your meal. Choose something “picnic style” such as sandwiches, fresh fruits, croissants or a cheese plate.

2. Movie date: and I’m not talking “Netflix and chill”. Since you won’t be able to go see a movie, turn your living room into a cinema. Get a projector (here’s the one I love and here is a cheaper option), make sure you have a wall without any art on, and order one of the newly released movies from Fandango. And if you’re lucky to live in a house with a backyard, take your movie out and put it on your house. You can watch it from your outdoor chairs or watch it from your car, on your garage door and give it a 50’s vibe. Don’t forget your popcorn.

3. “Draw me like one of your french girls”: there’s never been a more perfect time than now to explore your artsy side. Get two canvases and draw each other at the same time. Don’t share the results with one another until the end.  You can make it artistic, or funny or abstract. 

4. Camping! Ideally you would have a back yard where you can spend a whole day outdoors if the weather permits and only go inside for using the restroom. Other than that, find outdoor activities, bbq, play soccer, say scary stories at a bonfire while roasting marshmallows. Spend the night in your tent, and take advantage of being in your own yard and having electricity so you can lay some nice lights on your tents. If the weather doesn’t permit or you don’t have a backyard just put the tent in the middle of your living room, lay some lights and spend the night there. Again, you can put on music in the background some relaxing sounds of the nature: birds singing, waterfalls etc

5. Create your own Spa retreat! Spoil yourself with a day at the Spa. Give each-others a foot massage and pedi. I like to use our own massaging foot spa (link here), a facial, a full body massage. The best thing about all this? It’s all free! (Unless things escalate and 9 months after you’ll get a huge bill!)

6. “Entre deux cœurs qui s’aiment, nul besoin de paroles”. I believe all of us are dreaming of our next vacation, now more than ever. Some of us had to cancel trips and cannot wait for life to get back to normal to travel to the places we dream about. Well now is the perfect time to start learning a new language with your loved one. Planning a trip to Italy? What about trying to learn some basic Italian? Mexico on the list? Spanish is an easy language to learn. Dreaming about getting to see la tour Eiffel? Practice on that french kissing, lol. 

7. You’re my missing piece: Use this time to start a challenging puzzle that you always wanted to but never started because of lack of time. Do a challenging one yet a beautiful one that you’ll want to frame, so you’ll always have it to remind you about this hard situation that took time and patience but at the end it could turn into something beautiful. Maybe choose a photo of me😅

8. Exercise, not extra fries! It’s hard to keep yourself motivated to work out at home but if you include your partner in your work out routine you can challenge and motivate each other. It’s important to keep a healthy lifestyle and exercise would also help improve our mood, helps release anxiety and stress.

9. Cook together: And im not talking about the usual cooking. Do something fun! Maybe try new recipes, or challenge yourself giving each other just a few ingredients to invent something delicious. Or maybe record yourself and try to make it like a show. Play, cook and have fun! But be careful to not turn this into a disaster, there’s shortage on toilet paper!

10. Im rooting for you! Now it’s a great opportunity to start your own little garden! Perfect time of the year for planting too. It can be flowers or herbs or some basic vegetables. Or maybe some little trees, it all depends on the space you have available. My first suggestions you can do even if your living in an apartment. 

As I said at the begging of the article, I hope my ideas would help you spark your relationship more, but I know a-lot of us are not stuck inside only with a loved one, we have kids, or no lover but roommates, or even being by yourself. Most of this can be fun ideas to do with your kids or roommates too. If your by yourself try some of this involving your friends via video chat, like cooking together or exercising.

I hope you enjoyed this and I cannot wait to read about it in your comments below how are you spending your time indoor and if you have any new ideas to share.

Until next time,

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